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Comprehensive Perinatal Care Tailored to Your Unique Journey

Expertise in Whole-Person, Patient-Centered Care

Full Circle Perinatal Care is a team of healthcare providers offering whole-person, patient-centred, evidence-based care in the perinatal period. We specialize in caring for people who have experienced pregnancy loss, have a history of infertility, have complicated medical histories, or have any circumstance that makes their pregnancy non-routine.

Comprehensive Perinatal Services

We provide preconception counselling, first trimester pregnancy surveillance, assessment of recurrent pregnancy loss, management of early pregnancy loss and support with second and third trimester pregnancy loss.

Multidisciplinary Care Team

Our care team includes midwives, nurses, maternal fetal medicine physicians, mindfulness educators and acupuncture providers. Our goal is to provide seamless, supportive, thorough, and safe care for people who may need additional support prior to pregnancy, through the first trimester and with pregnancy loss. Working together, we will provide you with counselling, early pregnancy assessments through blood work or ultrasound, informed choice, health navigation, and supportive care.

We require a referral from your primary care provider. Please contact our clinic if you believe you might be a good candidate for our care.

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