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Little Spirits Garden

A place to remember the sweetest souls

Little Spirits Garden is here to support parents and families who experience the loss of a pregnancy or baby. Created by Royal Oak Burial Park in 2010, the Little Spirits Garden is the only one of its kind in Canada.

Why Little Spirits Gardens?

The loss of a baby at any point in a pregnancy, at birth, or in the months that follow birth, can be an especially isolating experience for parents and their extended family. This is because many people do not readily understand the depth of the bond that existed or know how to support the grieving family. Little Spirits Garden was created specifically to support those who have experienced such a loss.

Surrounded by nature

Little Spirits Garden is a community memorial space where parents and families can, from various commemorative options, create a special place of remembrance. In a wooded grove amongst towering trees, Little Spirits Garden is a quiet, peaceful space, surrounded by natural beauty. Here, a baby can be honoured in perpetuity. Within the Garden, there are also dedicated areas for scattering of ashes.

Unique ways to memorialize loss

Little Spirits Garden features different ways to memorialize a baby. This includes small ‘spirit houses’, commemorative stones and simple cedar memory flags that hang in trees. The Garden also offers natural stone tablets with bronze plaques for parents and families to place a memorial scroll.


The Little Spirits Garden is a community memorial space where parents and families can create a special place of remembrance, regardless of financial circumstance. Numerous permanent and temporary memorial options are offered at no cost, or on a donation basis.

Learn More

Please contact Susan McMullen, Family Service Support Officer.