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Harnessing Healing through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to our present moment experience, with kindness and compassion. It allows us to meet the challenges we are facing with more gentleness and to access our inner resources of resilience and healing.


If you are struggling with fertility challenges or have experienced perinatal loss, you are not alone.  Elements of Health offers 6 week mindfulness programming that combines mindfulness, self-compassion, meditative practices, and CBT tools.  Classes are online with others who have a shared experience, creating a supportive environment of belonging through being together in community.

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The Pacific Perinatal Foundation offers funding support with scholarships to anyone in need so that finances are not a barrier to joining a group. To apply, please complete this online application form.

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Reflections from previous participants

This program has been invaluable and a life-changing experience for me. I have developed a mindfulness practice, learned how to regulate my emotions on a regular basis and appreciate the present moment. This has helped me move through grief, anxiety, and deal with the unknowns of this journey.

I am not alone. What I am experiencing/feeling/thinking is normal

The sense of solidarity and community, with incredible intimacy and shared insights was tremendous

Stephanie creates a container that is safe, supportive and welcoming to everyone